Skin Care Christmas Package

85.000 JD 100.000 JD

The perfect Christmas gift for a friend, family member, a loved one or even to treat yourself! Silkypel’s Skin Care Christmas Package features three of our premium quality skin care devices: The Electric Spin Brush, Facial Steamer and Ultrasonic Facial Wand. Now available at a reduced price and ready for shipping in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and all GCC countries. 

Are you struggling to find a gift for your loved ones? We've put together our skin care favorites to bring you the perfect Christmas Gift! 

The Silkypel Spin Cleansing Brush uses fast-spinning motions, while using your favorite cleanser, to deeply cleanse the face and remove all dirt and makeup residue, for a glowy salon-like facial treatment at home!

The Silkypel Facial Steamer emits a fine mist of steamed water vapors that open and  activate the pores, pushing moisture into the dermis, to purify and hydrate the skin deeply to reveal smooth and clear skin and prepare the skin for Ultrasonic exfoliation.

Silkypel’s Ultrasonic exfoliation uses ultrasonic vibrations, with 24,000 vibrations per second, to remove impurities without causing any sensitivity, thus making your skin look clean and smooth, and giving you a natural glow from within.

The package arrives gift wrapped and in a special holiday themed bag with Christmas treats and gift cards to make gifting a little easier this holiday season!