Treat yourself with a spa-like pedicure from the comfort of your home, with the most effective pedicure device in the market: The Silkypel Pedi handset. There is no need to visit the salon for frequent pedicures anymore!

This callus remover from silkypel comes with 3 rolling heads that spin 360 degrees: Fine rolling head, Medium/regular rolling head, and rough rolling head. All rolling heads are IPX7 waterproof and could be rinsed under the sink. 

With an ergonomic handle, an easy to control panel, you can achieve ideal pedicure results at home without any pain. The pedi handset is safe to use and is suitable for all skin types. It will help remove dead skin build-up and stubborn calluses within a few minutes. 

With an LCD Digital battery display which indicates the battery charge, and an easy USB charge, you could use the device for up to 2 hours when fully charged

This electronic foot file will help you remove dirt, dead skin and calluses without pain. It will get you smooth skin within seconds without a hassle!


 Soak your feet with warm water, then dry it, but keep it rather moist.

 Choose  the appropriate rolling head and place it on the main body of the wand.

 Turn the device on and glide it across your feet. 

 Once done using the device, sanitize it well. For hygiene purposes, use the device for one person only. 

 Wash your feet, and use a foot cream for better after care.