1200W ionic hair dryer with high rotating speed, could dry your hair in less than 5 minutes. The powerful ionic hair dryer is equipped with AC Motor which optimizes airflow. It comes with 3 heating settings, 2 speeds and 1 cool shot button to create a longer lasting style. It comes with three types of replacement nozzles: smooth nozzle, styling nozzle and diffuser nozzle.

Designed with ionic technology which releases millions of negative ions to eliminate frizz and make your hair shiny. In addition,it prevents overheating damage, as it has a smart constant temperature control function which keeps temperature at 57°C

It is small, portable and safe. You could easily carry it in your suitcase when traveling. In addition, it adopts anti-leakage and excessive protection ALCI safety plugs and is designed with a safety removable filter that prevents hair from being sucked into the hairdryer.

Say goodbye to frizzy hair. Get yours now for a long-term improved soft and shiny hair!


 Towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture.

 Fully unwind the cable and plug it into the main power supply. 

 Slide the on/off button to switch to the suitable air intensity and heat setting for your hair.

 Cold and medium heat settings are used for gentle drying and shaping with minimal damage. 

 High heat setting ensures strong intensity of air for rapid drying. 

 Start sectioning your hair and blow dry from the roots towards the ends.

 For extra root lift, hold the dryer under the roots for a few seconds.

 Use the cool shot function to create a longer-lasting style.

 Push and hold the on/off button to switch off the dryer. •

✓ Switch off after use and unplug it from the main power supply. 

 Allow to cool down then pack it away