Provide your hair with more care with Silkypel Hair blow dryer brush. It only takes 1 step to dry, straighten and volumize your hair. 

With 3 Heat/Speed settings and an ergonomic oval brush design and round edges, it gives you more control over your hair while using it. The brush’s bristles are designed to detangle hair and give it more lift and volume than the traditional hair dryer. Unlike your hair dryer, without any burns, you could place it close to your scalp for maximum lift. 

The brush uses Direct Ion technology for faster drying and a more stylish and less frizzy dry look. The styling surface is designed with unparalleled ceramic titanium which evenly distributes heat and makes the brush suitable for all hair types.

Choose this product for faster drying, more volumized hair and a stylish look without visting the salon!

How To Use?

✓ The brush is equipped with three heat settings - low/medium/high - which are controlled using the slide button. 

 Use the high speed setting for rough drying of thicker hair, the medium setting for finer and more precise control when styling.The low setting can be used at the end to set the style. 

 Start at the back of head when drying your hair and work forward.