Silkypel Facial Steamer

29.000 JD

With the Silkypel Facial Steamer, you can achieve salon-like facial results from the comfort of your home. With nano water particles, the silkypel facial steamer will give adequate hydration and deep skin purification.

The Silkypel Facial Steamer emits a fine mist of steamed water vapors that open and  activate your pores, pushing moisture into the dermis, to purify and hydrate your skin deeply. It removes dirt, makeup, and excess sebum to reveal smooth and clear skin.

It is natural, 100% safe and easy to use. It takes only 20 seconds for generating strong steam and with an up to 65 ml water tank can last as long as 8 minutes, and will automatically turn off when out of water.

keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated at all times. Get your one-step facial now, from the comfort of your home. This fine steamer cleanses, detoxifies, decongest, and hydrates your skin in one go.


✓ Please use distilled water or purified water. Do not mix any other substance, including any soap or aromatic oils. Then plug the power cord into a household power outlet.

 The steam will release after 20 seconds since the switch turns on. Please use the measuring cup to add water and do not exceed the marked max water level line.

 To ensure the steam covers the entire face,keep the face away from the nozzle edge 20cm or more.

 Once done using the steamer, turn it off, keep and store it after it completely cools down.

 Use it with your skincare products to increase absorption and get visible results faster!