Both the Rose Quartz Facial Roller and the Gua Sha Stone are handcrafted from 100% authentic and high quality Rose Quartz Stone. With a flawless design, the Rose Quartz roller will sooth and sculpt your face. With a delicate and charming color, the rose quartz stone will calm both your mind and body. 

Simlple, easy-to-use and effective: Use the roller for the face, neck and body  to reduce puffiness, to remove the double chin, to improve the color and oval of the face, to soothe irritations and to relieve redness. Use the Gua Sha stone to relieve tension, sculpt your face, and increase circulation.


For the Forehead: work slowly from the center of the forehead towards the hairline.

For the Eyes:  sweep across eyelids, gradually working your way to the under eye area.

For the Nose: sweep From top of nose to the end of the nostrils.

 For the Cheeks: using the wider end, follow the cheek contour to the ears.

 For the Jawline & Neck: work from the center of the chin outwards and upwards to the cheeks. Sweep from under towards collarbone to the jawline