Silkypel Laser Hair Removal Handset is ideal  to be used at home. Do a full body treatment yourself in less than 30 minutes. Results will start showing in 3-4 weeks only. The device works on any body part (including face and Brazilian). 

It is unique in terms of being pain-free, easy-to-use, compact, and portable. It has a 12+ years use life. No refills needed! One time Purchase only will help you maintain hair-free skin for a very long time.



 How to use it?

 Shave the area you want to treat with a razor first, then dry it well

 Plug the device in and keep it plugged in during the treatment

 Adjust the device's intensity level via the push button on the back of the device. When you press it, the intensity indicator at the front of the device will show the desired intensity level.

 Refer to the user manual to know the appropriate intensity level for your skin.

 Hold the device directly to the skin in a horizontal way. Press the flash button at the front of the device to start your treatment.

 After the treatment, use ice water or a frozen towel to cool the skin.

 Use the device once a week for 12 weeks, then once a month, and then it can be used twice a year