Hair waver from Silkypel

25.000 JD

Achieve more stylish wavy hair with this 3-barrel hair waver. Achieve long-lasting salon-like waves and curls from the comfort of your home. The device waves your hair immediately in a very natural way. 

Silkypel 3-barrel waver heats up fast from 0 to 230°C in about 60 seconds. The device comes with an LCD real-time temperature display and dial controls which make it easier to adjust heat based on your hair type

Designed with tourmaline ceramic technology, which enables the device to release a lot of negative ions which reduces the chance of possible hair damage, and makes your hair look more natural. 

Designed with premium materials, the device is safe and easy to use. Its compact and portable design makes it easy for you to take it with you wherever you go.


 After the power is turned on, the light of the switch turns on, and the device starts to give off heat normally, (warm up time is about one minute).

 The hair should be completely dry and combed thoroughly, divide your hair into strands with a comb before use. 

 Take a strand about -2inch wide, press the curler together over the strand of hair for a few seconds. Slowly move away from the roots to the ends, do exactly the same with the next strand of hairs. You may need to separate strands in thick hair with hair clips. 

 After use, leave it to cool down for at least 15 minutes and then store it away.