This premium quality Cleansing Brush is designed to easily remove dirt, oil, makeup, and debris from your face. Get a salon-like facial at home! 

The Silkypel Spin Cleansing Brush uses fast-spinning motions, while using your favorite cleanser, in order to deeply cleanse your face, removing all the dirt, dead skin build-up, makeup residue, grease and dark circles. 

It features two adjustable speed levels and three changeable brush heads for different uses. The ordinary black-and-white brush head is suitable for normal and oily skin, and the soft white brush head suits dry and sensitive skin. While the sponge brush head is ideal for daily use to remove makeup, thus clearing your pores of oils and residues. This brush is special because it cleanses so deep but in a gentle motion. 

Characterized by its water-resistant body, it is perfect for cleansing in the shower. The brushes rechargeable battery can easily be charged using a USB cable. Furthermore, It is compact and lightweight enough to fit in a purse or travel bag. Use it daily to achieve and maintain a clean, smooth, soft, and more youthful appearance!


 Select the brush head of your choice and attach it to the device's head by pushing it firmly until you hear a click.

 Dampen skin and brush head with water (cleansing with a dry brush head may cause skin irritation). 

 Apply the preferred cleanser to the face.

 Turn ON the device and select a suitable speed. Press the ON/OFF switch once for gentle cleansing (LOW), twice for deep cleansing (HIGH), and three to turn the device OFF. 

 Gently massage your face for approximately 60 seconds.

 Avoid contact with eyes and any areas where the skin is sensitive, broken or irritated. 

 Press the power button three times to turn off the device. To remove the brush head, gently pull the attached head directly out, ensuring not to pull at an angle

 Rinse the brush head with water and let the air dry.