The body shaver set comes with 4 replaceable and washable heads: Beard/face trimmer, a shaver for ladies suitable for bikini line area, nose/ear trimmer, and eyebrow trimmer. 

Using high speed trimmer technology and low-sensitivity stainless steel blade, the shaver will remove all the unwanted body and facial hair quickly and without any pain or after-shaving irritation. 

The device is characterized by wet and dry dual use, it could be used while bathing, as the blade head is waterproof and could be immersed in water for cleaning. However, the main shaver body is not waterproof, so please DO NOT soak the shaver main body in water.

 Use USB charging for eight hours to fully charge the device and it will be available for 60-minutes continuous cordless use afterwards.


 To change attachments, hold the trimmer body with the switch side facing towards you. Turn the attachment and pull it off. Position the replacement attachment at the top of the trimmer body, then push down and attach.

 Turn the device on, use it to shave the required area, then turn it off.