Electric-vibrating Face Jade Roller for more care for your skin, comes with 3 replaceable attachment heads: 1* 3D whole-body roller head, 1*Quartz nozzle facial roller head and 1* Quartz round press head for under eyes treatment.

Vibration technique has a powerful rejuvenating effect. The vibration massage function affects the deep layers of the epithelium, activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improves the tone of muscle fibers, and increases skin elasticity. After using the electric jade roller, use your favorite skin care products for better absorption. 

Use this electric Jade Roller for the face, neck and body  to reduce puffiness, to remove the double chin, to improve the color and oval of the face, to soothe irritations and to relieve redness.

The electric jade roller has a high lifting effect and is extremely useful to preserve youthful skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

With a beautifully designed package, this electric jade roller kit from Silkypel could be the perfect gift for a very special occasion.


 Install an AA battery, finger-type (Not included with this kit)

  Switch the roller on. It has a manual control twist On/Off.

  Use the electric jade roller, with the appropriate head, on any part of your body from the angle that you prefer.