An advanced, ultrasonic tool to remove dirt, impurities, and dead skin! The Silkypel Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand is the best skincare tool for clear skin. Get a luxury at-home facial with this ultrasonic exfoliating wand, with 2 working modes to penetrate the skin and remove toxins, dirt, and dead skin.

Our advanced exfoliating wand uses ultrasonic vibrations, with 24,000 vibrations per second, to loosen up the dead skin cells and remove impurities without causing any sensitivity, thus making your skin look clean and smooth, and giving you a natural glow from within.

With 2-in-1 Technology, this exfoliating wand deeply cleanses, lifts, and moisturizes to give you smooth and glowy skin. The two working modes are: (1) peeling and lifting and (2) Ions+ & Ions- ;  Use the first mode to remove dead skin and encapsulate impurities and remove them. Use the second mode to improve oxygenation and circulation and improve cellular health.

Get the best exfoliating device in the market now, for a fraction of salon cost. Quick and easy exfoliating wand for a clean, smooth and glowy skin.


 Press the power button to turn on the unit

 Press the power button once to select the peeling & lifting continuous working mode

 Press twice to select the pulse working mode of peeling & lifting

 Press the power button three times to select ION+ & ION-  continuous working mode

 Press four times to select the pulse working mode of ION+ & ION-

 Turn off the unit by pressing the power button for 3 seconds