Say hello to smooth and flawless skin with Silkypel Microdermabrasion Visual Blackhead Remover, which uses micro-exfoliation and pneumatic suction, to cleanse your pores and deeply purify your skin.

The professional-grade exfoliation system removes dead skin cells and promotes cell rejuvenation. The vacuum suction technology draws out all the sebum and dirt, resulting in smaller pores and a brighter complexion.

It deeply removes all dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin; it eliminates fine lines and blemishes for a younger-looking face; it reduces clogged pores; diminishes blackheads and whiteheads and brightens the complexion. 

With a 3 level suction system, you can target even the most stubborn blackheads and whiteheads! It also comes with 3 Different Heads  of different nozzle shapes, to target different parts of your face. 

Connect it to the Wifi and the app to visualize skin pores in high definition, leaving acne and blackheads nowhere to hide. Such mode will allow you to avoid skin damage caused by excessive suction.

We suggest using it 1-2 times per week (once if you have dry skin and twice if you have oily skin) for 5-10 minutes per session. Results can be noticed in as little as 1 week!


 Apply a hot towel for 3 minutes to open the pores. (Temperature around ( 35 -- 40 C)

 Choose a suitable suction head, turn on the device, then choose a suitable intensity to your skin. 

✓ Use the device in the area that requires treatment. Always use the device in one direction, do not go back and forth with it.

 After cleansing, apply an ice-cold towel or pore shrinking essence and gently massage until absorbed. You can apply a hydrating mask for daily care.

 To prevent skin irritation, do not use it on the same part of the skin for more than 5 minutes, and always make sure to move in one direction, not back and forth. 

 Never wash this machine with water, clean it with a cotton pad and store it till next use.