Professional for home and salon use. Comes with 11 kinds of nail drill bits, which could be used for all-around shaping, buffing, grinding, polishing, removing for acrylic nails, poly gel nails, artificial extension nails, thick nails, builder gel, dip powder, fake nails, natural nails, and cuticle dead skin.

It is safe and easy to use. It has low heat, low vibration, low noise, and it comes with adjustable speed and direction, with one control button.

It is portable and durable. With a compact design and a very light weight, you could take it with you while traveling. It could also be charged easily, using any USB cord.


 Plug in the USB cable into the USB adaptor (or any USB port sources) to the main electric outlet; Select the desired speed by turning the variable speed control knob on the hand piece. 

 To secure the drill bits, push the desired drill bit firmly into the hole.

 To remove the drill bits, turn off the machine and gently pull out the drill bit.