This Face Sculpting Beauty Device is a fusion of Facial Contouring, heating detoxification, vibration massage and RED LED light penetration. These four approaches make your skin more sculpted and glowy. Use it on Neck, Jawline, Cheeks, and around your eyes.

A powerful anti-aging tool that stimulates cell growth, promotes blood circulation and enhances your skin care routine. With sculpting features, use it to slim, contour, and define your facial structure.

With an ergonomic, smart design, the device’s treatment plate will fit the curves of your face, the facial structure will be better sculpted and the skin tissue will be stressed for better absorption of skin care products.

Characterized with an easy to control modes button to access different device settings. Furthermore, it is lightweight and Portable, you can take it with you wherever you go. 

We suggest using the device  3-5 times per week, for 5-10 minutes per session. Results will start showing up in as little as 2 week.


Short press the power button to turn on the device, long press the button for about 2 seconds to shut down the device (in any mode).

 The plate could be used in three basic movements against the skin: Push, spiral and slide.

For the Forehead: Slide it slowly up and down, or left and right on the forehead. 

For the Cheeks: Slowly slide it from bottom to top on the cheek, from inside to outside, to effectively lift the apple muscle.

For Corners of the mouth: slowly move it from bottom to top around the corners of the mouth, and move back and forth from the side to ease the corner lines.

For the Neck: Slowly move from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, on either side of the neck for lymph nodes to detoxify.