What makes the Silkypel electric toothbrush 120 times better than the manual one?

What makes the Silkypel electric toothbrush 120 times better than the manual one?

You must have heard or seen it before; TV ads advertising electric toothbrushes, and today, it has entered the hygiene life and revolutionized the way we take care of our teeth. Now, for the million dollars question, is it the right time to replace your manual brush with an electric one? In this article, we might answer your question. 

Better removal of food leftovers in your teeth

No one wishes to go to bed with food leftovers stuck in their teeth, but guess what? Sometimes it happens. The consistent movements of the bristles reach areas that are often neglected with manual brushing techniques. With an electric toothbrush, it takes significantly less time to achieve the same level of cleanliness, making it a time-efficient option for busy individuals. 

Forget all about Plaque

When it comes to plaque removal, electric toothbrushes reign supreme. The rapid oscillations or rotations of their bristles allow for more precise and consistent cleaning compared to manual brushing. Studies have proven that using a powered toothbrush showed an 11 percent reduction in plaque at one to three months and a 21 percent reduction after three months or more. 

Built-in timers 

One of the notable features of electric toothbrushes is the inclusion of built-in timers. These timers help adhere to the recommended two-minute brushing time by signaling when the recommended duration has been reached. Manual brushes lack this convenient feature, often resulting in insufficient brushing times. Electric toothbrushes contribute to improved dental health, reducing the risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Works with braces

People with braces and dental veneers have a hard time cleaning their teeth, as it’s more likely to get food stuck in between them. However, with the constant movement of the electric toothbrush hairs and the ability to reach deep places in the mouth, that concern goes away. 

Kids love it

Ask any parent about their biggest challenge with their kids and they’ll say right away: getting them to eat healthy food and brush their teeth. With the electric toothbrush, it is easier to make them actually clean their teeth, not only once but twice a day. It can be a fun activity the kids do with their parents.

If you are thinking about getting one now, you need to check Silkypel's electric toothbrush

Using an innovative brushless motor, it produces 38,000 vibrations per minute, which is a high vibration frequency. With a DuPont diamond brush head, this toothbrush has superior cleaning capabilities and removes dental plaque, food residue, teeth stains and more.

Furthermore, it is designed to have 5 brushing modes which can be changed according to the need to produce the ultimate cleaning. Still thinking yet?  

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